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truffle toastie 25
mixed mushrooms, triple cheese, truffle cheese sauce, sourdough
add a fried egg +4


sweet truffle hotcake 27

truffle and honey infused, whipped truffle and honey butter, truffle maple,
mascarpone, fresh truffle

chicken truffle hotcake 32

buttermilk fried chicken, herbed hotcake, egmont manuka honey, truffle whipped butter, truffle infused maple syrup, fresh truffle

truffle beef rib ragu pasta 48

8 hour truffle and red wine braised beef rib, fusili, wild mushrooms, baby spinach, truffle pecorino, fresh truffle

truffle mushroom pasta 25

mixed mushrooms, papardelle, creme fraiche, fresh herbs, fresh truffle

truffle beef burger 28

180g wagyu beef, truffle aioli, fresh truffle, american jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, milk bun, truffle chips